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About Us

Vealth1st - Where Cutting-Edge Technology
Meets Investment Expertise

Investment Is Our Fulltime Occupation

At Vealth1st, the stock market is more than just our passion; it's our domain. Our team of seasoned professionals leverages cutting-edge technology to research the market, identify bull stocks, and develop data-driven strategies designed to maximize your returns.

We understand the struggles of retail investors. Time constraints, information overload, and a lack of resources can make navigating the market a daunting task.

That's where Vealth1st steps in. We bridge the gap between expert knowledge and accessible investment solutions, powered by technology.

Leveraging Algorithmic Intelligence
for Superior Performance

Vealth1st harnesses the power of cutting-edge algorithmic investing to deliver a distinct advantage in today's dynamic market landscape. Our proprietary algorithms move beyond manual selection, employing a rigorous, data-driven approach to identify high-potential stocks with unparalleled precision.

Unbiased and Emotionless Analysis

Human decision-making can be susceptible to emotions and biases. Algorithmic trading eliminates these factors, ensuring objective evaluations based on predefined criteria and historical data.

Faster and More Efficient Selection

Algorithms can process vast amounts of information in milliseconds, identifying opportunities that might be missed by traditional manual analysis. This swiftness allows us to capitalize on fleeting market inefficiencies.

Back tested and Optimized Strategies

Our algorithms are meticulously back tested using historical data to refine and optimize their effectiveness. This ensures a data-driven foundation for superior long-term performance.

Risk Management and Algorithm Harmony

Vealth1st recognizes the importance of a robust risk management framework. We integrate algorithmic insights with expert human oversight to ensure a balanced approach.

The Algorithm Advantage:
A Game Changer

Vealth1st commitment to algorithmic investing represents a transformative shift in portfolio management. By harnessing the power of data and automation, we empower investors to achieve superior results compared to traditional methods.

Our algorithms constantly monitor market fluctuations and adjust strategies accordingly, minimizing potential losses.

While algorithms excel at data analysis, human expertise remains crucial for setting parameters, interpreting results, and making final investment decisions.

The development of our in-house algorithms is a core strength of Vealth1st. This continuous innovation ensures we remain at the forefront of algorithmic investing, delivering exceptional value to our clients.

At Vealth1st, our algorithms constantly monitor market fluctuations, minimizing losses. Human expertise is crucial for decision-making. Our in-house algorithms ensure we stay ahead, delivering exceptional value.

Vealth1st implements meticulous risk mitigation to safeguard investments. Developed over a decade, our framework navigates market fluctuations, minimizing losses. Trust Vealth1st for secure investment.

Vealth1st's processes are designed from over a decade of expertise. Our disciplined methodologies ensure precision in investment strategies. Trust Vealth1st for financial success

Vealth1st is your partner in stock market success. Let us
empower you to unlock your full potential with the combined
strength of expertise and technology.

Get ready to ride
the wave of success
in the bull market!

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The vealth1st Advantages

Experience the future of investing with Vealth1st's automated algorithmic trading. Our cutting-edge technology analyzes market trends and identifies high-potential stocks, creating personalized strategies to help you achieve your financial goals.

We don't chase every trend. Our experts leverage advanced technology to identify stocks poised for significant growth in bull markets.

Your risk tolerance and goals are unique. We combine human expertise with data-driven insights to create a personalized investment plan for you

See everything. We grant you direct access and full control over your demat account, allowing you to monitor your portfolio's performance and make adjustments at any time

Investing shouldn't be stressful. Our experienced professionals are by your side, offering timely insights and recommendations to navigate the market with confidence. Plus, you maintain complete flexibility to adjust your strategy as needed.

Unlock Your Investment Potential with Vealth1st Subscription Plans

Limited time Akshaya tritiya offers on the subscription plans

Features 1 Month 3 Months 6 Months 12 Months
Minimum Capital ₹3,00,000 ₹3,00,000 ₹3,00,000 ₹3,00,000
Risk Max 10% of capital Max 10% of capital Max 10% of capital Max 10% of capital
Profits withdraw Yes Yes Yes Yes
Subscription Fee ₹9,999*
₹4,999* + 18% GST
15 Days free trail**
₹9,999* + 18% GST
15 Days free trail**
₹19,999* + 18% GST
15 Days free trail**
₹25,000* + 18% GST
15 Days free trail**
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**Free trail subject to subscription

Unlock Your Investment Potential with Vealth1st Subscription Plans


Minimum capital


Profits Withdraw

Subscription Fee

1 month


Max 10% of the capital


4,999* +18% GST
15 Days Free trail**


Minimum capital


Profits Withdraw

Subscription Fee

3 months


Max 10% of the capital


9,999* +18% GST
15 Days Free trail**


Minimum capital


Profits Withdraw

Subscription Fee

6 months


Max 10% of the capital


19,999* +18% GST
15 Days Free trail**


Minimum capital


Return On Investment

Profits Withdraw

Subscription Period

Subscription Fee

12 months


Max 10% of the capital


Flat 25,000* +18% GST
15 Days Free trail**


Answers to Your Burning Questions: Vealth1st FAQs

What is Vealth1st?

Vealth1st is a financial technology company that empowers retail investors to maximize their potential in the stock market through expert guidance, transparent investment strategies, and advanced technology.

Is Vealth1st suitable for beginners?

Vealth1st is a financial technology company that empowers retail investors to maximize their potential in the stock market through expert guidance, transparent investment strategies, and advanced technology.

Does Vealth1st charge any commissions on trades?

No, Vealth1st operates on a subscription-based model and does not charge any commission fees on your investment transactions. You keep 100% of your profits.

Can NRIs invest in the Indian stock market with Vealth1st?

Yes, NRIs can invest with Vealth1st provided that you have an NRO or NRE account to invest and consult with a tax advisor to understand the regulations and implications for your situation

What are the fees associated with Vealth1st?

We offer different subscription tiers with varying fees. Please visit our pricing section for detailed information.

How does Vealth1st choose stocks for my portfolio?

We leverage a combination of expert analysis, advanced technology, and your individual risk tolerance and goals to select stocks with high growth potential.

Do I have any say in the stocks chosen for my portfolio?

While we curate the investment strategy, you can discuss your preferences with our team and have some influence on the stock selection within your chosen risk profile.

What is your investment philosophy?

Vealth1st focuses on identifying high-potential stocks with the ability to thrive in bull markets. We utilize a data-driven approach while maintaining a long-term perspective.

How do I access and manage my portfolio?

You can access your portfolio directly in your Demat account. This allows you to view holdings, track performance, and adjust your investment strategy as needed.

How often do I receive updates on my portfolio?

You can access real-time performance data and receive regular updates on your portfolio through our platform.

What happens if I want to withdraw my funds?

You have complete control over your investments and can withdraw funds from your demat account at any time.

How do you ensure the security of my demat account?

Vealth1st utilizes industry-standard security measures to protect your demat account information and prevent unauthorized access. You will always need to provide an OTP every day for the Vealth1st to access your demat account.

What happens if Vealth1st goes out of business?

Your assets in your demat account remain yours and are held securely with a regulated custodian. Vealth1st only has access to buy and sell on your behalf based on your authorization.

How do I learn more about Vealth1st?

You can reach out directly on +91 90353 88416 or write to support@vealth1st.com

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Terms & Condition

We are not SEBI registered Company to give advisory services to the customers and to take investment in Stock Market.
We are not Financial Advisors nor Portfolio Management service providers.
We are fintech company and our technology will be subscription based for the Customers who want to use our technology to invest in the Stock market.
We advise you to contact your Financial advisors before taking any financial decision to invest in Stock market.
We don’t guarantee you with any profits during the course of investment in stock market.
Subscription amount is paid only to use our technology for the subscription period, not to buy our technology nor any information contained in our website.
We can suspend your services in case of failure to renew our subscription. 
We only assist you in investing in Stock Market, we don’t take your money. All the money will be in your own Demat Account.